Bandai Hobby Thousand Sunny Model Ship "One Piece" - Grand Ship Collection

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Haki One Piece - The Thousand Sunny could be the second and current ship with all the Straw Hat Pirates, using a Going Merry was destroyed. She's a brig sloop type ship designed and built by Franky with the expertise of Yokozuna, Iceburg, together with the remaining Galley-La foremen. Crafted from Adam Wood, the woman using a magnificent ship that is certainly at the very least double what size the Going Merry. Her features include practically all of the various requests the Straw Hats had before arriving in Water 7.

Thousand Sunny joins a brand new number of 6" model ships from "One Piece". Its compact size allows you to produce and requirements no tools to collect. With the use of pre-colored plastic and stickers there's no requirement for paint. You are able to re-build the ship with sails unfurled or without sails. Carries a ocean surface effect part. Compatible with the action base 2.

This is product is best seller in amazon store. It is easy to build. All pieces are made to fit each other exactly. The colors are same as the picture. It's very accurate to the actual artwork of the ship and the stuf is imported from japan.

If you are a fan of one piece, I'm sure you want him. Click here for price

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Haki One Piece - United Ocean Grand Theory Part 1

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In the void century 900 years ago and over 800 years ago, nobody knowing this history, and according to Robin, key from the mystery hidden in the Rio Poneglyph, which can be delivered at the end of the Grand Line, Raftel.

Professor clover from ohara said that on the void century once stood a Kingdom magnificent and sophisticated. The Kingdom had enemies who feel threatened by the secret project planned by the Kingdom. The enemy knows it then destroy the Kingdom and erase its existence from the history of the world. Then after the end of the void century, the enemy set up an organization called the World Government.
Hundreds of years later appeared a pirate named Gold Roger, he successfully defeated Grand Line and reach Raftel. According to his right hand, Rayleigh, they already know the whole history in the void century, but was unable to do anything about it. Roger finally gave himself up on World Government for reasons only he knows and his last words had been guiding the world is entering the era of pirates.
Are you remember this word?
That which cannot be stopped:

inherited will
a man's dream
and the flow of time

As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped "
Pirate King G. Roger
, chapter 100, "the legend has begun"
Realized or not the 3 things above mentioned has become the main pattern in the story of one piece. What's the story and what is a "pattern"? Please analyze theory below :

The Pattern Is Hidden In The Story One Piece

- inherited will
- a man's dream
- and the flow of time

And it is said, "As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped"

You as a fan of one piece is sure to hear that word. You should definitely consider it as another "cool quote" which is usually present in any epic story.

But as the story goes, a lot of instructions and the symptoms seemed to lead us to the meaning of that 3 words. Perhaps some readers are well aware of this, that the chronology of the adventures of Luffy's third very similar to it, there are 3 arc that proves it:

1. Hiluluk's Sakura
Hiluluk has an impossible goal, it is to create a drug capable of curing all diseases, drugs like this so it's the dream of every person. But the drug was never created by 30 years of time passed. Hiluluk's Sakura finally blooms but still it is not a miracle cure, Chopper who greatly respect to Dr. Hiluluk eventually inherit these will by joining with Luffy. Even one of the titles of that chapter that time is "the inherited Passions" (volume 4)

2. Bell of gold.
Two best friends split up on the shores of Jaya, however does not mean breaking off ties until there. The warrior calgara wanted to meet again with his fellow with a gold ring a bell. But before the desire is achieved, the fate flew over Island Jaya  10000 m above the sky. The bell of gold disappeared and the warrior died in the war, dreams were buried up to 400 years. Unsuspected Luffy and crew arrived in  Jaya Island and ring a Bell that's in the process of a remarkable weight against Enel. Long-buried desire is finally passed on unsuspected and embodied by Luffy.

3. The tree of knowledge.
A little to much analysis of Prof. Clover showed, insurgencies there is a Kingdom which is great. The Kingdom has achieved a certain goal but before there are "enemies" that devastated the country. Today, after half a year passed, the goal of the country is still not achieved, even the existence of the country was still in doubt.

What is the purpose of this Kingdom will become next "inherited will" ? This is what we will discuss!

Conclusion :
1. Someone have a dream/desire
2. The dream was not successfully achieved for a variety of things, up to many years ever dream was delayed
3. In the future there is "the heiress" who finally realize the dream

Even the gold pattern is also seen in SH crew: each had a dream; It takes time to achieve it; their dreams are the heritage of others

The Golden pattern also seen earlier on a a Shanks The Red Hair. Why pirates as powerful as he willingly broke his hand in favor of the kid like luffy? in vol 45 finally explained that "i bet it, on the new age..."
Word of betting indirectly implies that a Shanks also had a particular passion, and passion that he leave his inherit to Luffy.

Now what to do with the explanation above Roger as anyone who cites 3 words?

Of course that Roger has the same pattern with these people! Or rather, the creators of the pattern! He had a dream, but there had been reached and there will be his successor in the future! Well about what Roger's dream? I will explain in part. Keep visit

i hope you guys can read my english because my english is bad ^_^

credit: RokushikiMaster from Kaskus

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The Secrets Ability of Marshall D. Teach a.k.a Blackbeard

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As we know, at the time of the war marineford BB (Blackbeard) came in the middle of the war by bringing a new crew came from impel down. Then when whitebeard dies, by using the skills that he had, he could get the gura gura no mi, which means he has 2 Devil fruit ability because we already know that she already has the power of yami yami no mi.

In my opinion, there are 3 possible ways to get it :

1. He’s been eating neko neko no mi type Cerberus
2. By using Blackbeard's atypical body and yami yami no mi
3. Blackbeard has a twin
The reason for the first I have already explained in my previous posting about  Haki One Piece - Prediction of  Users Mytical Zoan, you can read it again. So I'll explain the reason that the second and third. The second reason is BB could get gura gura no mi by using atypical body (marco's said) and yami yami no mi that he got before.

In my opinion atypical here is that he has a double organ which making it possible to absorb the powers of other devil fruit. Why I say absorbs but not eat? because if someone is consuming more than 1 devil fruit caused his body could explode.

    On this page says that blackbeard yami yami no mi was already destined for him. His advantaged because it has been getting the yami yami no mi because it fit in with her atypical. Using the power of yami yami no mi that can absorb everything, BB find a theory if it absorbs is also included to absorb the power of devil fruit other people (with certain conditions) and because of his unique body (double organ) causes him to save the power that has been absorbed.

With atypical body also with the power of the yami yami no mi that can absorb everything he can also be used to absorb other people's Devil fruit. This only applies to BB because it has body atypical.
For the third reason I will update the next time, so keep visit my blog. Are you  OP lovers? Do you got it? I hope you already have it so that you can add to your collection.

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