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Haki One Piece - Types of Haki

Haki One Piece - If you are a fan of one piece, you will definitely know what is meant by haki. Haki first appeared on chapter 1 (manga), namely when Shanks intimidating sea monsters that will attack Luffy. Shanks then lost a hand. Haki is the power that resides in all beings in the world. Haki is not much different from most manga / anime other. As the chakra (Naruto) and Ki (DBZ), and nen (Hunter X Hunter)
Haki there are 3:

     1. Kenbunshoku Haki
     2. Busōshoku Haki
     3. Haōshoku Haki

1.Kenbunshoku Haki (Haki with color of observation, in Skypiea Called also mantra)

Though the technique allows the user to predict most attacks, it can be circumvented by various means. It cannot predict inherently random attacks; for example, Luffy managed to bypass Enel's Mantra by bouncing his fists off a nearby wall, to prevent himself and thus Enel from knowing where they would land.
"this haki have ability to perceive the opponent"

If this capability is increased. Someone who is in a place far away or can not be    seen by the eye will be known"
"Their numbers ... even what they will do, all can be known"

Haki is like a sixth sense, the user can feel the presence of someone / knows the attacks of the enemy will be received by haki users. Haki can also feel the feelings of others. such as fear and death (ex : Coby & Aisa).

Luffy fight to Boa Sandersonia
2.Busōshoku Haki (Haki with color of armaments)

"Thinking like a never-seen wearing armor ... "
Hard armor is of course also be used as a weapon. Even the logia users, which can not be attacked, may be subject as a body who intangible. With training, it can be further honed into a weapon with which to strike others. It can be used to augment the user's physical attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure sheer force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally. The Kuja's Haki-imbued arrows, for example, are capable of penetrating solid stone.
The type of this haki are very good for defense and attack

* Attack
This type of haki may increase the damage, could also be channeled to the object, eg : arrows woman amazon lily.
Luffy who rubber man can feel pain when hit by a Rayleigh

* Defense
Haki has become like a shield that can deflect opponents attacks
Rayleigh helped zoro from attacking kizaru
3.Haōshoku Haki (Haki with color of conquerer)
Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training and only one in a million people are born with it. It was first demonstrated by Shanks, when he used it to scare off a Sea King. Later on, during a meeting with Whitebeard, he used it to knock out most of the crew and cause physical damage to the Moby Dick, which the few still standing attributed to his superior Haki. Luffy first displayed the effects of this type of Haki against Duval's bull, Motobaro, much to everyone's confusion. He displayed it again on Amazon Lily while battling the Boa sisters, knocking out a large portion of the audience observing the match, despite all of them being accustomed to regular Haki usage. This is also the first time it is referred to by name.

Every time someone won fame in this world, they most likely have these powers in him. However, this type of Haki could not be trained and strengthened, even if you are able to control it. This strength is measured by spirit and soul of the user. This haki is becoming stronger by the "development" personal, nothing else.

Shanks arrival to Moby Dick

Haki One Piece

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