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Haki One Piece - Nazi Symbols and Devil in One Piece

Haki One Piece - Did you aware that on one piece turns out there is the symbol of Baphomet / Satan? By accident I found the image similarity between the Sengoku and Baphomet, see this picture :

I think that when Oda Sensei create a character of Sengoku, he was inspired by the image of Baphomet. I think this is not a coincidence. Added to Sengoku's pet similar with symbolizing Baphomet goat. Oda Sensei might want to describe that world government is the symbol of a hidden crime.
What would you say?

And another picture that I found :

Did you still remember the nazi symbol? Impel down is described by a similar symbol nazi by Oda Sensei. What is to show cruelty Impel Down? I think it's no coincidence, I think it was deliberately taking an example of a picture image to be used as inspiration. It really makes me more amazed to Eichiiro Oda for his creativity is very high.

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7 Responses to "Haki One Piece - Nazi Symbols and Devil in One Piece"

  1. Another thing worth to be mentioned is about Magellan, the warden at Impel Down. He is a satan right? With the wings and the horn. That's so nazi..

  2. oh my god,that's true!
    i am really forget if magellan also satan.

  3. Nice blog dude. Hope you can keep it up. I love to read one piece speculation. There are others that love too. Try promote your post at OP facebook fan page that has lot of fans. I am sure your readers will increase in no time.

  4. Just had to post this

  5. You do understand that the Nazi symbol is a swastika and a symbol used throughout history by many religions and groups including the Nazis. It was a symbol for good or luck but after the events of World War II we see it as evil or relating to the Nationalist Socialist Party. The same can be said for the pentagram as it is used in a similar fashion except associated with the devil, Satan or the Occult. I understand that you are trying to make a speculation thread but to actually compare the Third Reich to anime characters is a little asinine to say the least. Perhaps the over analyzing nature you placed into this blog would be best used in something more productive than trying to create unnecessary speculation toward an anime that is as popular for all ages as One Piece.

  6. i can be paranoid but even i think this is stupid