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One Piece Pirate Warriors for PS3 in English. Amazing!!

Hello all, I have long not updating this blog, now I plan to update every day so there's no reason for you not to visit my blog ^ _ ^

On this occasion I will tell about One Piece Pirates Warrior, only one word, cool!! I have long waited for the release of this game, I have to save up for 5 months in order to buy the console PS 3 and finally I was able to play it.

The One Piece manga is currently up to chapter 696. That's a huge story. And unfortunately a lot of it is left out of the Pirate Warriors game. But at the same time, enough of the major moments are present. You follow the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man with aspirations to become King of the Pirates. Through the Main Log story mode, you'll get to see Luffy travel the first half of the world and meet his crew members and fight against other pirates and the World Government. Each major story arc of the first half of the story, with a few exceptions, is present and while you get what's essentially a bare-bones retelling of those events, it's enough to understand One Piece as a whole.

One Piece is a huge story. It has emotionally moving moments that can only be appreciated when you get the full picture. There are countless instances of foreshadowing, dozens of references to past and future events, and piles upon piles of relevant information told through flashbacks and minor dialogue. And even though Pirate Warriors gives you what can be called the “must know” moments, leaving out all of that does more harm than good. 7/10

The graphics, while not super amazing, convey Oda's art style very well. The character designs, their facial expressions and attacks all translate very well through the cel-shaded graphics. The stages look great too, even if a majority of them are full of things that aren't actually a part of One Piece for the sake of game-play.

Pirate Warriors does many things right, and it does enough wrong. If you're a fan of the franchise and want a great One Piece game, look no further. If you've always wondered what all the fuss was about, Pirate Warriors isn't a terrible way to start learning. It is, however, an abridged version of the story and that does more harm than good. To fans, it leaves us wanting more. To newcomers, it leaves them with far too many questions. Knowing Tecmo KOEI like I do, there will be more Pirate Warriors games and those will expand on the story while adding more to the game-play. It's how they operate. You can see it with their Gundam and Fist of The North Star games. Now, that's not a bad thing. The problem lies with One Piece itself. There's SO MUCH content already that unless Tecmo KOEI turns this into a yearly thing, each new game will fall short in one way or the other.
So, if you are a fan of One Piece, this game will be great even though there will be moments where you get upset or mad about what is and isn't in the game. You can buy this game at just $ 67.97 at

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